Friday, December 3, 2010


Dec 3
In the closet of our guest room I have an old dresser that I use as a place to keep all my stationery and fun things like twine and washi tape along with my stamps and Christmas cards that I need to write out this weekend. It's nice because it's out of the way since I don't use it all the time and still looks nice when guests are using the room.

Letter 12/3/11

Additional pics:

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Focus on one drawer, table, or surface today and spend 15 minutes making it pretty! (And take a pretty picture afterward to motivate yourself!________________________________________________

Well, we just refinished our hardwood floors throughout the living room/dining room/bedrooms of our house, so everything has been going through major reorganization. I didn't want things coming back upstairs until they had a proper home, which so far is working well, even if it makes the process take a little longer.


I work from home, so my office doubles as a crafts space. Squeezing all of this into one room is a bit of a challenge, as I have interest in many different types of crafts, and on top of that there are Christmas gifts piling up that need to be wrapped.

One more Before:


The pictures didn't turn out great and it still needs work, but theres a start.