Tuesday, August 9, 2011

37 weeks

Laurie and Kenny came to visit this weekend in hopes that I would go into labor early ;) and for Laurie and I to do some mommy bonding. We got prenatal massages, went to prenatal yoga and ate yummy crepes and ice cream :) I'm so happy with her busy work schedule that we were able to spend the weekend together! Erin and Jeff even came down for a cookout at our place Sat. night and lots of laughs insued while discussing themes for the baby's room, and Jeff's hysterical pregancy.

I had a dr's appt Monday, and the doc says I'm not going into labor anytime soon, which i guess is good because I'm nursing a cold right now. Lily is more active than ever kickin around in there and demanding waffles with peaches or strawberries and whipped cream ALOT along with bagel bites and chicken soup to the cold. I think she gets the Waffle cravings from her Auntie KK. I'm sure noone wants to know this, but I apparently am one of the lucky 1% of pregnant women who contract PUPPs, a harmless but annoying rash of tiny red bumps on my stomach that are very itchy. Isn't pregnancy glamourous? It has gotten noticeably tougher to get around and my stomach is feeling HEAVY. Mom drafted the Baby Poll so it's time to get in on the action :) According to the weekly update, Lily is as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard but her mommy is big as a Watermelon :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

35 Weeks

35 weeks along here, getting quite large and uncomfortable which makes it so I can't sleep at night but then want to sleep all day long ... I guess I'm becoming a Vampire :) The baby weighs about 5 1/4 pounds about the size of a honeydew and is over 18 inches long according to my weekly update.

I'm glad to be nearing the end of pregnancy even though I still want more time to prepare. We have the room almost ready, took a infant CPR class with Jill and Ryan, and went on our last baby-free vacation with the family to Stone Harbor. It was fun to think about what next year will be like with Lily and Agent M in tow. We def. need to learn to pack more efficiently if we're going to be fitting a baby and her stuff in the car with us! Both Grandmas went a little crazy with baby clothes shopping and Lily's closet is filling up quickly.

Jill's baby shower will be at my house this weekend, I'm excited for it to all come together. I hope it turns out as nice as the one they threw for me. It was def. a nice motivator to get the house in order, and coincided with my Nesting craze.

Slightly Inappropriate Children's Books

In a seemingly new trend (or as they say in tv world, if you haven't seen it, it's new to you), Children's books are taking an adult-like turn as the generation of adults who refuse to grow up are becoming parents. Yes I'm talking about the generation who has turned every game into a drinking game, serious adult athletic events like coed baseball and marathons into kickball and mud runs. Those same people who have realized that they don't want the fun to end post-college so they just make it so. Not only have I been noticing this trend in sports, but by the advent of the Rockabye baby CD covers of the "hip" bands of said generation: Radiohead, Tool, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Led Zepplin, the Beatles, Bob Marley, etc.

My sister's told me about this one:

Which led me to this one "All my friends are dead" - a book about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures

Then there's "Pat the Zombie" um, yeah, a play on "Pat the Bunny" -def. not intended for children

which led me to find my Favorite:
"Monsters eat Whiny Children"
which I think I will purchase. It's the perfect amount of sarcasm for me and has a good message.

Friday, July 1, 2011

30 some weeks: Get your sleep now...

I'm starting to loose track of weeks, maybe because I'm sleep deprived. The baby is doing well though, the dr. says I'm a boring patient which is good because it means I'm right on track.
if you see me on the street (or any pregnant woman), do not give the useless advice to get my sleep now, because when the baby comes I won't be sleeping. I don't sleep now, so this advice does not apply to me. If I do sleep, it's for 3-4 hour stretches, which will probably decrease I understand, but at least I'll be awake for a reason.
In attempts to help my sleeplessness, I've considered making the huge purchase of a maternity body pillow (which run about $60 and up!) I have a regular body pillow, but hear these are much nicer.
normal body pillow
While searching for said pillow I stumbled across this freakish contraption:
aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Scary Body Pillow, can you imagine waking up to this headless-puppet-handed-half-man/pillow?
But the bat-shit Craziness of it all begins with the reviews that warrant the supposed "Brad Pitt modeled pillow" a 4.7/5 review.
" can't begin to tell you how much I love this pillow. I love it so much I named him Paul! Paul goes well with my mullet, so much that I don't ever plan on cutting it. It fits so well into the armpit slot and I will never feel lonely again. Paul, you're the greatest! Paul and my mullet.....together forever. "
"My life is pretty lonely sometimes. I live in the woods alone, and it gets really cold. I try to find someone who will cuddle with me at night but it's hard when people call you names like "Bigfoot" and "Yeti". I guess I'll give up on love. I have to say though, that after purchasing this product, it feels like someone is really sleeping next to me. The first night was kind of strange, I set it in my bed or sticks and leaves and it just sat there, sad and alone too. I conquered my fears and lied in with it, IT ACTUALLY FELT LIKE A PERSON :D. I loved it's soft fabric on my fur, it was love at first touch!. Thanks to the creators of this fine product, no more lonely nights in the woods."
of course when I first saw this pillow, the first thought that sprang to mind was this must be marketed towards Crazy Cat Ladies ...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So I went to the grocery store for carrots ...

and came home with all this.
Most people are nice and said, well at least you remembered the carrots, and hummus is healthy! I ate a bunch of hummus and pita and about half the watermelon which filled me up so much I had no room for icecream last night. oh well, there's still tonight :)

The alternate title to this post is "Never send your Pregnant Wife to the Grocery store alone"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

28 weeks

From Pot Roast to Chinese Cabbage, Lily is probably over 2lbs now celebrating all the fun gifts she got from her wonderful shower last weekend! This week I enter into the third trimester, and the nesting urge has kicked in. I want the room to be put together and see all the plans that have been in my head come to life in person. All of the fun stuff we got at the shower def. spurred this on, and the guest room closet is filled with fun clothes for Lily to model (Fashion Show Fashion Show Fashion Show at Lunch!). Mom, Laurie and KK were so creative and threw a wonderful shower for me complete with different potted Lilies as prizes,

Lollipops and plantable baby carraiges as favors,
and lots of Giraffe themed gifts and decor to match the invites.

The games were guess the baby picture, mad libs, and guess the baby food, which Gma D clearly did not enjoy!

But the cake was definately enjoyed by all, especially myself :)

It was a great time, and most fun was getting to share with the family that Lily will be having her first cousin!!! Laurie is due on New Years so they will only be 4 months apart, and I'm thrilled the secret is out.

Pictures of Laurie telling everyone the good news the day before:

Laurie and Kenny seem certain they will have a boy and in the meantime are calling him 'Agent M' which reminded me, I never blogged about Lily's nicknames thusfar. We've Nicknamed her Gremlin (when she was making me sick all the time), Lola (what gma D thinks we're naming her due to faulty hearing aids or perhaps just her 91 yr old imagination) or Lil' lily

Dave and I also got a new camera as a 2nd anniversary gift to each other which I love learning to use. My cousin's son RJ was an excellant model for me :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

27 weeks: My baby is the size of a what?

a Pot Roast. Yes, moving away from the conventional fruit or veggie reference, Fit Pregancy has declared Lily is now a tiny 2Lb Zero oz. baby pot Roast. You'll all be please to know I passed my glucose test, the nurse said my level was 113 whatever that means. But most exciting this week is the pending weekend where we're all getting together to celebrate my baby shower!!! The guys are going to be busy replacing the roof on mom and dad's house, it's a big weekend for everyone.