Friday, May 20, 2011

The Baby Cage and 29 other dumb inventions

Hahaha, time released photos of the 30 dumbest inventions. The baby related ones are especially hilarious.

picture from

Here we have The Baby Cage for the urban couple looking to give their baby a little sunlight and fresh air, even in the confines of a highrise. I guess people really did worry less about safety back then!! Makes what Michael Jackson did with his son "Blanket" seem slightly less crazy.

~or better yet the fake breast with a heart beat used to soothe babies, of course made in Japan
~or how about the baby holder for all those times you would have missed out on ice skating just because of your life choice to have a baby?
~and nonbaby related, but cat related, the Mouse frightener!!! oooo so scary.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

25 weeks

Just past the 6month mark, time is starting to fly by. Lily is the size of a Rutabaga. Cute huh? compares her to an Eggplant, slightly cuter I guess!

I had a really exciting week in baby land for lots of reasons and got my Shower invites in the mail, they are so cute I squeeled! I'm still loving prenatal yoga, and took my last Hypnobirthing class. I'm sad it's over because it was so relaxing, hopefully I can retain all I learned for the big day.

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I take my glucose test Monday morning. Sugary Glucose Drink here I come!

25 week babycenter update link
25 week thebump update link

Thursday, May 5, 2011

23 week update

Baby Lily is growing right along, the email updates say she's the size of a large mango (about 1 lb), she can hear music and feel motion so I guess that means it's time go dancing with her. I've finally got my registries up, althought I'm sure they need tweeking. I'm growing anxious for her crib to come in and we registered for a Glider at Great Beginnings, but think that we should shop around for a better deal on one first. Lily likes to kick me alot in the evenings, Dave got to feel her kicking so Laurie, be prepared since you're already afraid of my stomach alone, now it will be moving as well.

We did a new thing at prenatal yoga last night to help you sleep better, I made it to 5:15am without waking up which is a big victory over most nights when I wake up between 2:30-3:30am. The dr. gave me the icky orange drink that I'll have to drink before my next appt so they can monitor my glucose levels, hopefully it won't be as bad as everyone says. Our third birthing class is this saturday, we've really been enjoying the class so far, but there's only one more class after this one, hopefully I don't forget everything we learned.