Friday, May 20, 2011

The Baby Cage and 29 other dumb inventions

Hahaha, time released photos of the 30 dumbest inventions. The baby related ones are especially hilarious.

picture from

Here we have The Baby Cage for the urban couple looking to give their baby a little sunlight and fresh air, even in the confines of a highrise. I guess people really did worry less about safety back then!! Makes what Michael Jackson did with his son "Blanket" seem slightly less crazy.

~or better yet the fake breast with a heart beat used to soothe babies, of course made in Japan
~or how about the baby holder for all those times you would have missed out on ice skating just because of your life choice to have a baby?
~and nonbaby related, but cat related, the Mouse frightener!!! oooo so scary.

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