Thursday, May 5, 2011

23 week update

Baby Lily is growing right along, the email updates say she's the size of a large mango (about 1 lb), she can hear music and feel motion so I guess that means it's time go dancing with her. I've finally got my registries up, althought I'm sure they need tweeking. I'm growing anxious for her crib to come in and we registered for a Glider at Great Beginnings, but think that we should shop around for a better deal on one first. Lily likes to kick me alot in the evenings, Dave got to feel her kicking so Laurie, be prepared since you're already afraid of my stomach alone, now it will be moving as well.

We did a new thing at prenatal yoga last night to help you sleep better, I made it to 5:15am without waking up which is a big victory over most nights when I wake up between 2:30-3:30am. The dr. gave me the icky orange drink that I'll have to drink before my next appt so they can monitor my glucose levels, hopefully it won't be as bad as everyone says. Our third birthing class is this saturday, we've really been enjoying the class so far, but there's only one more class after this one, hopefully I don't forget everything we learned.

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