Thursday, June 9, 2011

28 weeks

From Pot Roast to Chinese Cabbage, Lily is probably over 2lbs now celebrating all the fun gifts she got from her wonderful shower last weekend! This week I enter into the third trimester, and the nesting urge has kicked in. I want the room to be put together and see all the plans that have been in my head come to life in person. All of the fun stuff we got at the shower def. spurred this on, and the guest room closet is filled with fun clothes for Lily to model (Fashion Show Fashion Show Fashion Show at Lunch!). Mom, Laurie and KK were so creative and threw a wonderful shower for me complete with different potted Lilies as prizes,

Lollipops and plantable baby carraiges as favors,
and lots of Giraffe themed gifts and decor to match the invites.

The games were guess the baby picture, mad libs, and guess the baby food, which Gma D clearly did not enjoy!

But the cake was definately enjoyed by all, especially myself :)

It was a great time, and most fun was getting to share with the family that Lily will be having her first cousin!!! Laurie is due on New Years so they will only be 4 months apart, and I'm thrilled the secret is out.

Pictures of Laurie telling everyone the good news the day before:

Laurie and Kenny seem certain they will have a boy and in the meantime are calling him 'Agent M' which reminded me, I never blogged about Lily's nicknames thusfar. We've Nicknamed her Gremlin (when she was making me sick all the time), Lola (what gma D thinks we're naming her due to faulty hearing aids or perhaps just her 91 yr old imagination) or Lil' lily

Dave and I also got a new camera as a 2nd anniversary gift to each other which I love learning to use. My cousin's son RJ was an excellant model for me :)

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