Tuesday, August 9, 2011

37 weeks

Laurie and Kenny came to visit this weekend in hopes that I would go into labor early ;) and for Laurie and I to do some mommy bonding. We got prenatal massages, went to prenatal yoga and ate yummy crepes and ice cream :) I'm so happy with her busy work schedule that we were able to spend the weekend together! Erin and Jeff even came down for a cookout at our place Sat. night and lots of laughs insued while discussing themes for the baby's room, and Jeff's hysterical pregancy.

I had a dr's appt Monday, and the doc says I'm not going into labor anytime soon, which i guess is good because I'm nursing a cold right now. Lily is more active than ever kickin around in there and demanding waffles with peaches or strawberries and whipped cream ALOT along with bagel bites and chicken soup to the cold. I think she gets the Waffle cravings from her Auntie KK. I'm sure noone wants to know this, but I apparently am one of the lucky 1% of pregnant women who contract PUPPs, a harmless but annoying rash of tiny red bumps on my stomach that are very itchy. Isn't pregnancy glamourous? It has gotten noticeably tougher to get around and my stomach is feeling HEAVY. Mom drafted the Baby Poll so it's time to get in on the action :) According to the weekly update, Lily is as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard but her mommy is big as a Watermelon :)

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