Tuesday, June 8, 2010

woMan with a Plan

I started planning out my garden before my plants were bought. I really liked this interface: http://www.gardeners.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Gardeners-Site/default/Page-KitchenGardenDesigner

however, my parents warned me about growing some plants so close together ie: tomatoes and zucchini. I still used this as a basic layout and then altered as I went along so that this:

became this:

The sun rises from the right of the pictures above to the left. I get virtually no sun until it's almost overhead so I put my tomato plants all at the east end so that they wouldn't shade the plants at the west end. People that get sun throughout the day would probably want to plant perpendicular to this, ie planting tomatos at the north end and shorter vegetable as the south end, but then again, this is my first year, what do i know? :)

It was easy to go overboard with the plants especially since some came in packs of four. Luckily I had the forsight to give my dad and sister some tomatillos, I wish I had brought them the extra zucchini as well, but for now, it's planted else where in the backyard. I kept the chives in a pot on the deck in attempts to avoid it overrunning the garden along with the lavender and cilantro and a few others I haven't found room for yet!

Now I just need to pray that I can keep at least most of it alive til it's big enough to eat!

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  1. How neat!!!! England grown - I love it! Can't wait to come and see it in person - and then come back when it's time to eat! The pictures are great - so Martha-esque!