Thursday, September 23, 2010


In an effort to continue loosing weight (8lbs so far) I've been trying to find different ways to cook healthy foods following the Diet plan I've adapted for myself using the concepts I've learned from Jackie Warner and Bethenny Frankel.

I made Ina Garten's perfect roast chicken (sans fennel since I didn't want to go back to the store) and made Cauliflower Mash instead of mashed potatoes (my dad even said he like the cauli mash better) which is much lower in carbohydrates. The result is a little thinner, but still very tasty.

CauliMash recipe
Steamed a head of chopped cauliflower until very tender
Blend in food processor or blender with a spoonful of lowfat sour cream, S&P.
Add in a few splashes of milk one at a time whenever it looks like it stopped processing and needs the liquid until smooth. Serve while warm.

side note: I like how Dave pronounces Cauliflower with an emphasis on the U. I find it weird that I like that, I could say it that way too, but somehow I just like hearing him say it.

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